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we don't just do pretty visuals around here. you'll walk away with

a brand, website, and marketing strategy that converts

It's about creating an experience for your audience and a profitable and sustainable corner for yourself in the market. It's about effectively communicating your message and value. It's about building out a business that works for you!

That's exactly what you will get here at Heart & Vine Creative. Working together means that I not only become your designer- I become your marketing department so that you walk away with a cohesive brand and not just pretty visuals.

I bring my 8+ years of marketing, design, and sales psychology experience to help you uncover your brand strategy, custom marketing plan, and captivating visuals that will help you attract and convert the right people.  

Because I believe- and know to be true- that you can reverse engineer the success you want to see in your business. 

Working together means that I not only become your designer-

I become your marketing department so that you walk away with a cohesive brand + marketing strategy  and not just pretty visuals.

and I'm ready to help you step into all of that if you are!

Branding is about creating an essence for your business that seeps into all you do, captivating and converting the right people.  

brand & website experience

This package is for...

Creatives ready up-level their brand through custom brand and website design & strategy. This package will take you through crafting an intentional brand strategy, cohesive visual brand, and a conversion focused online presence that will help you attract and convert the right people consistently. 

Through this high-touch experience you'll walk away with a custom brand, website, & marketing plan that will help you hit the ground running as you build and grow your plan. 

Brand Guide Book

2 Printed Stationary items mailed to you

3 Collateral Items 

Custom Icon + Pattern Designs

Brand Proposal

Logo, Submark, & Variation Logos

3 Strategy Calls to get clear on your brand &
website strategy

Launch Plan Guide

Custom 6 page website & mobile design

Email marketing integration

Favicon design

Website Training Video

Search Engine Optimization



Only 3 spots per quarter

brand, website, & management experience


brand, website & brand management experience

This package is for...

Creatives ready up-level their brand through custom brand and website design & strategy as well as marketing support to help them reach their goals. This package includes all the things in the Brand & Website Experience as well as 3 months of marketing support. 

Through this custom and high-touch experience you'll not only get a cohesive brand and website, you'll get my team and I for 3 months implementing the custom marketing strategy we come up with to help you actually reach your revenue and brand goals. We become your marketing department so that you can get to the things that only you can do!


3 Months of Brand Management

TIMELINE 8-10 WEEKS + 3 months of brand management


Only 2 spots per quarter

brand & website experience


signature services

Working with Danait has been amazing. The care and passion she puts in her designs and her clients really shines though. The logos I got done not only encompass me, but my business perfectly. She spent time getting to really know me, and my values allowing her to create logos better than I could dream of. Thank you Danait for all your hardwork.

love from my clients

nathalie Hotte, Nathalie Hotte Coaching

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who is it for?

brand & Website experience

brand, Website, & management experience

brand strategy:

We will work through your messaging, ideal client, unique selling proposition, values, ,mission, and vision

The creative ready to uplevel their business through an intentionally crafted brand and website that will actually captivate and convert their ideal clients.

The entrepreneur ready to see an increase in revenue, brand recognition, and impact through a strategically crafted brand, website, and custom marketing strategy that will take them to the next level. 

brand design

Custom logo, submarks, icon and patterns, 3 collateral items, 2 stationary items mailed to you, and brand guide book

website strategy:

We will work through how your website will flow based on the type of conversion you want as well as SEO strategy and implementation

website design:

Custom 6 page website, mobile optimized design, email marketing integration, favicon design, and website training video




Launch plan for when we launch your new brand and website as well as custom marketing direction as you move forward with your re-brand. 

Strategy session to build out custom 90-day marketing plan and then my team and I will help you execute that plan with you for maximum results. This may look like helping you come up with content, social media support, content upgrade creation and more!

10-12 weeks

10-12 weeks + 90 day marketing support




a la carte 

strategy session

This is perfect if you aren't ready for the signature services but need help aligning your brand and making sure you are taking all the right steps to ensure that you consistently connect with your ideal clients.  We can cover any of the following topics during your 90-minute session:

   + Branding 
   + Website strategy 
   + SEO 
   + Marketing 

We'll do this with a strategy call and a custom action plan that will help you take the right next steps for your business. 

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investment | $395

blossom | brand & website

age later aesthetics

blossom | brand & website

kate k. mccarthy

bloom | branding

love & spreadsheets

frequently asked questions


I bring an exclusive and one-of-a-kind process built on my years of marketing, sales psychology, and design experience to your brand and website project. In utilizing this signature process I can help you create intentional design and strategy that get you results through a custom solution for your unique business. You not only get my design and branding expertise, but also my marketing expertise as well which has helped my clients book out their business, 3x their revenue, get featured in publications, and more! 

I have worked with multimillion dollar brands and small businesses alike which gives me a unique perspective in terms of how I approach your business!

What website platform do you use?

I design on Showit, Wordpress, and Squarespace because each business is unique and has different needs. Based on what you are looking to do, how you are wanting to grow in your business I will make suggestions on which platform I think would serve you best. 


My process is built on the basic principles of business and customized online strategies for your business so that you can truly connect with your dream clients. This process is perfect for newer business owners because it will help you get started on the right foot and connect with your ideal clients from the start. 


Yes, I do! Depending on the experience you'd like to book I have several payment to accommodate my clients. When filling out the inquiry form be sure to note that you'd like information on the different payment options. 


If you are just looking for a logo and not a comprehensive brand strategy, then I may not be the best fit for your project. I believe in reverse engineering the results you want and we do that through my signature process. I believe so strongly in it because it has worked for my clients and I. Feel free to email me to see if this is the right fit for you right now. 

WHAT DOES Brand management entail?

Brand Management is a hand on approach to your marketing. You and I come together to craft a really intentional and conversion focused marketing plan for the next 90 days. From there my team and I help you implement those strategies for maximum impact. We basically become your marketing department for 90 days and help you get results! 

i still have questions

Not a problem! Feel free to fill out the inquiry form, check the I have questions box, and let me know what they are at the bottom of the form so that I can help answer them for you!








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